Cleared PMP, suggestions for new aspirants

Study time: Two months.

The only Book I referred : Andy Crowe

Didnt touch PMBOK.

Read one chapter in Rita to understand Change control process in detail. That's it.

Read Abishek-Rajiv Nair notes few times.

For Mathematics, used Mcgraw-Hills PMP mathematics.

Didnot memorize ITTOs or process flow charts.

Gave just one full length test on Exam central. Finished in two hours.Secured 87%.

Scheduled exam, passed.

Initiating: Proficient
Planning: Proficient
Direct & Exec: Proficient
M&C : Moderately Proficient
Closing: Proficient

Myth- PMP is hard.

Myth- PMBOK is bible, if you haven't read it you are doomed.

Myth: Rita is panacea.

Suggestion: Focus on understanding rather then memorizing. PMP is not a test of your memory. At-least two if not other three options in every question can be logically ruled out as wrong answers.

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Congratulations on your PMP