Cleared PMP- Oct 10th - Lessons Learnt-Part 1

As mentioned in my earlier thread, I cleared PMP exam on 10th October by Guru and God's grace.  I would like to share my LLs in parts.

Firstly when I started preparing for exam in March 2012, Impact of RDS (Role Delineation Study) on Exam pattern (effective from August 2011) was being flashed across web.

However when I tried to know exact changes brought by RDS, there was no suitable reference. Reference books which spoke about updated RDS scheme content din't have precise information.

Hence I was puzzled. After googling around,  finally found exact information I needed. Path of this document is as follows:-


 Professional and Social Responsibility which was a separate domain till August 2011 is now dissolved and will spread across from 5 other domains namely,



iv)Monitoring and Controlling



Document in the attached link provided detailed information regarding RDS (Domainwisse details with Old and new Classification).

I hope this info would be of help to all PMP aspirants.


I will be back soon with Part II of my LLs.




 Thanks for Sharing the LL. 

Thanks for sharing. The document contains the question below and I am a little confused by the answer.


 • Your company’s rule for presenting status is that a project with CPI or SPI 

< 0.9 is red and with CPI or SPI between 0.9 and 1 is amber.  Green is 1 or
higher. Your company’s template presents CPI with just 2 decimal places. 
You are Project Manager updating the status of your project to present
to your Senior Management.  Your CPI number comes out as 0.89972
and your SPI comes out at 1.2 exactly   What status do you declare to
A. Green, as the average of your CPI and SPI is higher than 1
B. Amber, as CPI  = .90 when viewed with 2 decimal places and SPI is 1.2
C. Red, as although SPI is 1.2 , CPI is less than 0.9
D. Blue, to signify a status somewhere between Green(SPI) and Yellow 
• Ans: C
• Is this an Ethics question or an Earned Value question?  The 
ethics questions are blended in with the other PM domains.    
In my opinion, we should round the CPI number, why is-it an ethic problem to round 0.89972 to 0.9?

Hi Antoine,

I totally agree with your opinion. This question is a very bad example of Ethics question blended with Cost managment Knowledge area concepts. 

As per Approximation rules, it is obvious decision  to round off 0.89972 to 0.9.  Hence it is certainly not a Ethics issue.



Though I agree it is blend of ethical code and conduct.

In first stand - approximation or rounding off is looking correct.

But it is baised decision.

Question telling they consider first 2 digit after decimal in their report, it means,it is their guideline and no rounding off and CPI will be  = 0.89 and not 0.90

and if you not follow option C then it would be a nonethical .


Regarding RDS, PMBOK and EXAM, I have a an information that EXAM only follow PMBOK, and active PMBOK, till its revision does not follow RDS, here is thread agaist RDS task - what exactly PMBOK follows.

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Congratulations Srinivas.