Cleared PMP on May 27


I am happy to inform you that i have cleared PMP certification on Friday, May 27 2011, 

Study Materials:

PM BOK4 – 2 Times 

PMP® Exam Prep – Sixth Edition by Rita Mulcahy - 2 Times

Tests Did

All the Chapter end questions from “PMP® Exam Prep” book

Most of 1400+ questions from PM Fast track software (by Rita Mulcahy)

1 Online free test and 2 Paid tests from 

 Exam Pattern:

The exam is not so easy and not very tough. Not wordy also.

Most of exam questions were situational queries. There were less than 15% theoretical questions in the exam

Calculation related queries are less than 10 and involved simple math. Most of these questions are from Cost Management. Couple questions from Risk and Schedule

There were around 4 questions on Quality (especially on Quality Assurance Vs Quality Control)

There were around 5 questions on Risk strategy

There were around 5 questions on Conflict Management techniques

There were around 4 questions on Team forming stages

There were around 8 questions on Professional Social Responsibility and they are tricky ones

Few questions on Charts 

Exam Experience:

Over all test experience is good. The exam was scheduled at 9:00 AM and I reached around 8:30 only. I was confident and started the exam with a positively.

As soon as I started answering the questions my confidence levels got increased, though I faced few hard questions in between but quickly I skipped/marked those questions and moved on. I took 2 breaks i.e., one is after 80 questions and another one is after 160 questions. I was able to answer the exam in 3 Hours 30 minutes. Next 30 minutes I reviewed “Marked” and “Un Answered” questions first and followed by then few other questions. I was very much confident and delighted to see the end result.   You should make sure you have Parking facility at the Exam Centre, if you don't have you should look for alternates (i.e., ask one of your friends/family members to drop at the centre) and it would be good if you visit the Exam Centre few days before to avoid un necessary issues.

Lessons Learned

Better to remember “Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge areas Mapping” (Table 3.1) from PMBOK-4. In fact I reproduced the chart at the start of exam on rough sheet so that I can refer it during exam. Apart from reading PMBOK read limited no of reference books. I would say one extra reference book only. (My recommendation is “PMP® Exam Prep – Sixth Edition” by Rita Mulcahy) Answer questions in PMBOK perspective. Better not to use your experience as some of the process in your organization might not be same as mentioned in PMBOK.

 Revise ITTOs 1 day before exam.Most of the free tests available on Net are not worthwhile. pmstudy test has more theoretical questions


First of all Thanks to my wife Geetha, without her support it wouldn’t have possible to pass the exam.

Also i should thank to my 1 year old son Anjan with whom i spent little time during my preparation, thankfully he didn’t disturb me much during my preparation and I am enjoying with him.

Special thanks to Rita Mulcahy. Her book is very good and the questions given in PM Fast track software are above exam standard

Thanks to My friends Siva Ivaturi and Suresh Vuppala for providing valuable tips

Thanks to all authors who wrote their Lessons Learnt (LL) in pmzilla forum 

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Congratulations Mahesh on your PMP. Thanks for sharing you experiences with this group , its in detail and very helpful.