Cleared PMP on May 15, 2010

Dear PM Zilla Folks & my Fellow PMP Aspirants,

I cleared PMP on May 15, 2010.

I read the PMBOK couple of times apart from Rita and also referred pmzilla forum every day to catch up on what I may have missed in my preparation. Pmzilla was very helpful.
I did all the Process, knowledge areas, PMP & Super PMP mock tests in Rita's PM Fastrack, though after a while I got bored since I knew all the answers.
My serious advise is "Please do not ignore PMBOK" , PMI swears by PMBOK.
In the first 15 mins, before you start your exam, please brain dump all formulas, ITTOS , etc....... this will help you when you feel you have forgotten some information.

I sat through the exam for 4 hrs without any breaks and was able to review the marked questions.

Thanks & Regards




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Congratulations Sunbek.