Cleared PMP: Karne se he hoga :)

Hello All,

First of all big thanks of PMZilla and its entire member to helping me on time and motivating me.

Let Initialize:

January: Took the Classroom session. Instructor told us that try to give the exam within 1 month. I knew that World cup is coming and cannot miss matches so gave the deadline of 27th April.

February: Did not study much, too much work in office. Just read through Head First causally and kept on collecting whatever I can get on PMP. Videos, Pdf all ethical things that PMI tell us J I hope you got the point.

March:  Head first continues. India vs. Aus and India vs. Pak awesome matches. Just my luck when I submitted my form for pmp certification it stated Your form has been selected for Audit, you are required to send following documents. Shuts yaar!! Well got all the documents that were required and send it to US of A. Rs 1000 ka chuna.  

April: Yipeeee India won the world cup. Got a mail from PMI that Audit process is over now you can selected a date. Got distracted due this Audit thing and did not study much.

May: One of my friend referred me to PMZilla and I instantly liked it and got hooked to it. Every day I use to open PMZilla and read about the achievement and tips shared by member on PMP. Very motivating stuff and reference were great. PMzilla member motivated me to be serious and go for it. My really studies has started.

Books referred and read:
 Rita: 2 Times
 Head First: 1 Time
 PMBok. 1 Time

Wanted to give the test on 31st May, so before that as referred by many member gave the oliverman mock test. Got 50% on both 75 and 175 question set. Did the RCA on it and found out that:
1. I was not reading question properly
2. I was not evaluating the options properly.

Well gave Rita 200 question: It was so boring. Long questions, many times I had to read question 2-3 times. Got 54%. RCA: Same as above and got frustrated after 150 question.

After the  disappointed result got the date from Parametric Center for 17th June.

June: Read Rita line by line. Rita count now (3 times) and read PMBok line by line(count 2) You must be wondering why the article head line says “Karne se he hoga”. Well its because of Baba Ramdev. He also got into act in month of June and when ever I felt Shut so much to read more I kept telling myself “Karne se he hoga.. hai” same way Baba says in his camp. He he.. Well it helped..

One of the member suggested that PMStudy is the very good so here it goes:

PMstudy Test 1: 78% … Wow.. Reaction.. Yahooooooo
Josh mein purchased the entire set:
PMstudy Test2(13th June): 74%...Yahooooo (Some question were new to me, Aisa maan mein socha)
14th and 15th June: PMBok (count 3)
PMStudy Test3(15th June): 71%..Yahoo(Hmmm…..)
PmStudy Test4(16th June): 68%..(Silence…..)

Well reviewed all the wrong answers on 16th night.

D-Day: Schedule at 9 AM. Raat bhar need nahin aayi. Reached the center at 8:15 AM.
They allowed me to wear the clothes other than that everything was taken away from me. Tip(Take PAN with you that is one id allowed inside)
Start the exam: Wrote all the formulas in the rough paper, wrote Page 43 PMBok with outputs. All done in 13 min. Skipped though the tutorial.
First question, bouncer, second .. Marked, third.. Googly… Fourth … wanted to hide somewhere…. Marked… thought Gaya beta tu…

Lets focus… relaxed myself and put my mind aligned to PM… and then … started getting things right…

Took the first break in 100th question….

Completed my exam in 3hs 40 mins.. Reviewed for 20 mins. Ya I was slow but did not wanted to make mistake on not reading the question and evaluating the answers properly.

After all was done… by heart was beating like drums and then…. After a wait…

Fill the survey…. Abe yaar … well filled it with shaking hands…. And then a wait…


So, thank you all ….

Note: Reading though the forum I always thought yaar mein bhi likhunga jab pass ho jaaonga.. I did it…

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Great writeup and congratulations on your pmp. Glad to know that the forum was of help to you. Good indianized version of  LL :)

Hi Rahul,

I have been reading your replies to the different questions on forum...Congrates!

your writup is nice and will help many guys including me.



@ Admin: Thanks Sir...

@ Rahul: Thanks. Ya i am still hooked to this site... :)

Need to ask though ... can i share how PMP test you? How questions are placed? I got Below Proficient in Ethics so want to make sure... :)

can you please drop me an email on

drop an e-mail to (tuc then underscore actc at

Thanks in advance!

please drop an email to me as well to



Hi Rahul, Congrats yaar! Your writeup is really inspiring...


I am sharing what I felt PMP demands out of you:

1.       Absolutely deep understanding of PMBok. Specially Tool and Techniques. What does this mean? Let me explain:
Sachin Tendulkar … Most of you know him..

Q1.  Which Indian batsman has the middle name as “Ramesh”?

Q2. After the match team total was 326/3, two batsman scored 84 and 42 other was not out with 0, name the country that scored 326?

Q3. During an international cricket match, 3rd empire decision was introduced and a player was given out first time on the basis of it. Who was it?

Q4. If 6 sixes were hit in an over by Ravi and Yuvraj and name the player who is one short of 100 centuries overall.


Replace Sachin for Scatter diagram, control charts, DOE, Bar charts, Pareto charts, etc…


2.       We normally just read the definition and skip the later part of the paragraph. Ting tong… READ IT.

3.       You should remember which TT is used in which process or knowledge area.

4.       PMBok page 43 must to remember better if you right it down before the exam.

5.       Better to know ITTO.

More will follow…