Cleared PMP exam, 1st attempt

Just recently cleared the PMP exam, thought I should contribute some lessons learned on preparation since I learned a great deal from this forum.

For me, study consistently  is important because it's easy to forget some of the stuff if you let time lapsed in between studying.  I have put in the time everyday for almost 4 weeks in Rita alone (2-3 hrs on week days, 4-5 on weekends). I read PMBOK twice like few months back, at that time the concepts was not clear to me and I was having trouble answering some of the situational questions so I kind of pushed back the test date to few months later and didn't really do any studying during that time.  Then a month ago I realized that PMI is planning on adding more materials to the test, that's when I knewI can't procrastinate on the studying any longer.  I've seen many people on this forum recommended Rita so I bought the RITA 6ed.  I read it twice and the first time I worked on all the exercises and the questions at the end of each chapter.  I was scoring 70-80 percent on  them.    Rita really explain things clearly and tie everything together nicely. The number one thing I would recommend in Rita is really do all the exercises before you look up the answers.  The exercises help so much with understanding the concept rather than just memorizing the ITTO.  The one exercise on the cutouts of all the processes and then put them under the right category was really nice, especially the ones under Planning where you should be put the process cutouts in the correct order, TRY IT.  I got it down in just one night and the rest of book just made sense after that.

Also work on whatever sample questions you can get your hands on.  I did Headfirst 80% and 85% and  on the other one I downloaded from link provided in this forum. I was able to understand the application of the tools and techniques and some financial terms by learning from the ones I got wrong.  I also used chowdary notes, really awesome compilation of PMP info.

Thanks for all that have contributed to this forum and good luck to all that are studying for the exam.



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Congratulations on your PMP and good write up. Thanks for sharing