Cleared PMP 5-13-2009

Wow!  I'm exhausted!  And my fiance will be happy I won't be grumpy anymore Tongue out

 I applied for the exam in December and was to busy at work and home to sacrifice the amount of time I felt was going to be necessary to pass the test.  I was coming off a project at my consulting firm 1.5 weeks ago and bartered with the higher ups to give me a week or so to study.  I dedicated time everyday (some days up to 10hrs) until the exam.  I estimate that I studied a total of 50 hrs for the test.

I took internal training from a PMP certified person I worked with Jan-May 2008.  And didn't touch a thing since. 

My Tips on passing the test:

Read this blog:  It gives a great high level on what to expect on the exam and good was for preparing

 Study hard (Head First was a great starting point, but definately read the PMBOK)

Take practice tests (the books give good explanations on why answers are correct and wrong, the online ones dont)

Memorize the knowledge areas and process groups chart

Know all of the inputs and outputs

Determine which answers on the test don't make sense for the question be asked, and narrow it down to 2 answers

Memorize the formulas, those are the easiest questions on the exam

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Congratulations , I can sense how releived you must be. Thanks for sharing your comments for aspirants.