Cleared PMP!! - 16th June 2012

Finally, by grace of god and blessings from my friends and family I have cleared the PMP exam today! I have to say that Pmzilla has been the source of information and inspiration for me. So, thanks a lot!

My PMP journey:

I seriously started preparing for the PMP from March 2012. After 3 months of stressful and intense study, finally, decided to give PMP exam on 16th June 2012. It was a tough thing for me since I had to balance between my study and work commitments. However, I was dedicated and focused throughout my course preparation period. No friends, no movies, no parties! Here, is the list of study pattern I followed..

1. Headfirst 200 questions – Even before starting my PMP preparation, I thought to give an attempt of the Headfirst 200 questions. This way I will know if am really capable of clearing PMP or not. Got 58% (which is not bad I guess!)

2. CBT Nuggets PMP Videos – Excellent source to kick-off your PMP preparation. It has a series of videos for each knowledge area. The explanation for each process and ITTO is very clear in those videos. Available on youtube.

3. Rita 6th edition (1 time) – Must read. Really helps you to understand the PMP concepts from an exam point of view. Attempted all the practice exams at the end of each chapter. Was scoring 70% on an average. Revisited the wrong questions to know the gaps.

4. Simplilearn 35 hours PDU – Completed the online course. Not so useful. Just did it for earning the PDUs.

5. PMBOK 4th edition (2 times) – Must read. Almost entire PMP exam is based on PMBOK.

Mock tests:

1. PMPstudy – 68%

2. Headfirst - 79%

3. PreparePMP - 85%

3 days before the exam I went over the PMBOK 2nd time and took down my own notes. Didn’t give any other mock tests apart from the ones listed above. On the day of the exam, just revised pg.43 of PMBOK and formulas. Completed my exam in 3 hours! I was confident that most of my answers were correct.

PMP Exam observation:

1. Almost the entire PMP exam is based on PMBOK.

2. Most questions are on Risk, Quality, and Procurement.

3. Many questions on Tools and Techniques.

4. 7-8 Network questions.

5. Network questions were not straight forward. You need to know exactly what EV, PV, AC, BAC etc. means. Not just formulas.

6. No questions on Code of conduct.

7. After around 100 questions, I was following a strategy of reading the answers first and then reading the questions. This way I was able to know the focus of the question, thus saving time.

8. To answer questions I think you need through understanding of the concepts from PMBOK. It also requires some practical PM experience.


1. Please understand the SEQUENCE of all the processes within each Process Group. It’s very important for the exam. e.g., Define scope comes after Collect Requirements.

2. Understand page 43 of PMBOK. It is the master reference page.

3. Knowledge of ITTO is the key.

4. Memorize the formulas.

I hope my LLs will be resourceful for your PMP journey. My best wishes for all the PMP aspirants!







Great Mucool. Congratulations. Good post as well.

2 questions: 1. What were your proficiency levels, and 2. On an average how many hours of serious input did you give for a getting a brilliant and positive output of getting the three letter but mighty words attached to your name for ever, PMP. Thanks, KK....

1. got 4 MP and 1 BP

2. the study input was 1-2 hours on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekends.

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Great Congratulations