I cleared my PMP exam on July 23, 2013 with 5P’s.

I have been a mute spectator of the forum and I owe some of my success to PMZilla so I decided to share my LL’s


SAP project manager with over 5 years exp.



I started preparing in Mid-May. Started with 1 hour a day which increased to 2 hrs in june and 3 hrs in july with 5 hrs a day in last 2 weeks.

Did 35 hrs thru my employer. We used to have 2 hrs a day sessions twice a week, which took 10 weeks to finish. I must say they were not much helpful. Was just a way to get the 35pdu's  certificate.

I read following books


1.       PMBOK – 5 Times end to end. 2 Times skimmed

2.       Rita (cover-to-cover) – Twice

3.     Read  three chapters from Headfirst – Found it very easy  to read so left it. ( I think by this time I was in PMBOK language mode)

4.    Tried reading all the notes from pmzilla by various members but just didn’t have patience to go through such a big list ( notes are good though). I just concentrated on pmbok

 Mock Up Scores

Scordo Mocks #1 to #12 Easy ( In June)


Scordo Mocks #13 to #18 Moderate ( In July)


Head First PMP – 200Q (Easy) ( Gave in June)


PM Study test 1 – 200Q (Never Gave – Could never access free version due to 50 first users accessing before me)


Oliver Lehmann 175Q ( July)


Oliver Lehman 75Q ( July)


Anbari ( Only Give if you want to revise PMBOK)


Exam Central (200Q) ( Easy)


Edwel ( Moderate)





1 Week before exam

Read a lot of LL’s and analyzed and combined all. I came to a conclusion that anything and everything if it is in PMBOK it should be in my brain. All Situational questions are from PMBOK concepts nothing is outside from it ( eg I have never heard of PTA questions from anyone as I don’t think they come and they are not in pmbok)

Exam Day

In a LL I read three days back that if you need to do a brain dump of pg 43 on paper then u are not prepared. Plus mostly people wrote that you will never use any of what you wrote initially

So I didn’t write anything.

From Q1 onwards every question looked as if it had two answers so I didn’t bother that time ( as start of the test is the most nervous time ). I chose the answer and marked to come back later. So I didn’t spend more than 40 seconds average on any question and I finished in 2 hrs 25 mins  with 200 qs. No breaks

I marked a good 60-65 Q’s and then I did all marked ones which took me around 40mins. Easy math questions gave me confidence later.

In the last 50-55 mins I reviewed all 200 questions quickly with more attention to numerical qs which I didn’t want to loose marks on. I completed this pass with 20 secs to spare and I submitted my test.

Even after submitting also I had a doubt on 30 odd qs that they can be wrong as they had more than 1 correct answer.

One thing which I have seen very few ppl mention in their LL’s is what kind of qs they got. I think this will really help everyone who are planning to give the pmp going frwd.

Here are the type of Questions I got


No questions on ethics. I could not recall any indirect or embedded qs also


Make sure u know types of contract. Try choosing contracts as per situations. 6-7 qs on types of contracts


Norming to storming – 1 question. Situation of a team with additional members joining …how will team stages change


Conflicts – 5-6 questions ,, Situations given.. what type conflict resolution used.. all situations were tricky


PERT 2 qs- Pess, Most lik, Opt given.. calculate duration Simple Questions


Very simple questions and calculation for EV, PV, AC. One does not need calculator at all. Calculate, SPI, CV, CPI, EAC ( with  BAC/CPI formula), VAC.


Make sure you know what it means to have CV, SV (negative or positive) or CPI, SPI (negative or positive). 6-7 Questions on this only to calculate –ve or +ve CV, SV, SPI, CPI and answer if its Over run or under run or under budget or over budget or cost spent less than EV or behind schedule or ahead schedule..


1 big and complex netwrk diagram Q to calculate float of critical path. I didn’t bother to even draw it as answer was ZERO. ( This Q I had read in someone’s LL and he said he wasted 3 mins doing calculations of float whereas answer of critical path float is 0.


5-6 ITTO questions


Inputs for qualitative risk (is it scope baseline or scope statement )… scope baseline is in identify risk


Integrated Change control outputs, Inputs for conduct procurement, TT’s for define scope


Some Questions had a situation given and answer which technique used to be used.( Roughly 20 qs)  Resource leveling, Crashing – 2 questions, brainstorming, nominal grp technique, expert judgement ( TT in Charter), benchmarking, control chart, pareto chart, histogram, critical chain, monte carlo. Make sure u understand all techniques


3-4 qs on project charter, Develop team (TT’s) , types of pull communications,


Reward given in which process in Comm KA


If a PM talks to a team member in cafeteria then what is it – interpersonal skills or observation and communication


2 qs on types of reports – forecast report , variance report ( is it called proj variance report or variance analysis report)


2 qs on bidder conference – like if a seller asks clarification wt wud u do ( make sure u tell others also on those clarifications also)


Q on Stakeholder register and matrix ( like wt do u prepare to check interest level of stakeholders – keep informed, manage closely …blah blah )


When u prepare risk matrix in initiation phase wht type is ( likelihood impact or likelihood severity)


Whts unique to closing ( Disbanding team)


If project is cancelled wt to do ( Close It properly )


If a project mgr gives u new assignment after proj closure then wt to do ( do a staffing plan or change req)


If a requirement was missed which u discovered later and to avoid this situation wt should have been done.. u missed wt (Proper register)


10 year building contract ( wht type of contract)


Scope creep question – if scope creep happens then wt to do


Diagram of control chart showing 6 points above mean. Q asking how will this process go out of control, one more q asking directly if 7 pts out of mean then wt will u do

Hope it helps everyone



 Congrats and good post!


Welcome to the 5Ps family!

~ Diba

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congrats... 5Ps are increasing.... enjoy after PMP

 seems as the new exam is coming they are distributing some P's in the end

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 5P giving his best back to the group. Congratulations. Do visit PMZilla when you have time and try to help fellow PMZillians !


5 days and counting at the end of my  study project my plan  take mock exams and review wrong answers and rest the day before.  Prep:  Rita, Andy Crowe and PMBOK for verification

I took the test today and surprisingly had all of the same questions....however the outcome was not the same...I failed. Therefore, wishing I had read your post earlier. Well that probably would not have changed anything but then again. Great effort on compiling the post and congratulations!!!. 

 U must have got the same set as me then ... 

can u give me any advise please? I am talking my test tomorrow and I really did not have to money to purchase all these exams, I only got the pass4sure from a friend
u can email me at

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Congratulations - very detailed and helpful post!

Thank you! : )