Clarification Needed on the answer.

Please see the question below. I picked choice D. The correct answer is B. But I am wondering where in the question does it talk anything about gold plating? Is the word 'added' in qqestion key to answer? 
At the end of a project, a project manager determines the project has added four areas of
functionality and three areas of performance. The customer has expressed satisfaction with the
project. What does this mean in terms of the success of the project?
A. The project was an unqualified success.
B. The project was unsuccessful because it was gold plated.
C. The project was unsuccessful because the customer being happy means they would have paid
more for the work.
D. The project was successful because the team had a chance to learn new areas of functionality
and the customer was satisfied.
Thank you!
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While you are right in saying "added" means gold plating. I doubt if we can call the project unsuccessful.  Gold plating is not right thing to do , but customer is happy and if you have met the triple constraints of the project the project is still successfull


If you are building a house and you give better quality windows than planned because you saved money in cost of cement, you are still within budget, you have gold plated but project is success.