Christopher Scordo

 Hi - I am preparing for PMP Exam and targetting to appear for the exam by May 20, 2013. I am looking  PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers, & Explanations by Christopher Scordo. I am a PMI member but unable to find a link from where i can download these question and answers. I would appreciate if any could help me direct to the correct link or instructions to where i can find these questions.


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After logging in to your PMI page browse to :
Home > Knowledge Center > eReads & Reference
Search for : PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers, & Explanations, 2012 Edition

by  Christopher Scordo



 Thank you so much. I've found the link to the scordo's questions. Many thanks.

I have also given this paper in 2001 but I have done the preparation from the books. You can buy the books from this store. Here is the online link. And about online thesis writing uk stuff, I don’t know much otherwise I could help you better, hope this will help you too. Thanks.