Change Management

can someone help me out to understand better way to unswer 'change management' questions on the exam?

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 Whenever there is a change in the project , it means there is an impact to project's triple constraints. If the change is must have then As a first step to the process you must

1. Analyze the impact of the change.

2. Discuss the impact with Sponsor to get more budget, time 

If the change can be avoided then it should be pushed back , since PM is committed to delivering the project in the schedule and within budget. 

Sometimes impact assement itself may be time consuming activity and it may impact the schedule even if you take up impact assessment. depending upon the context we may or may not be in positon to do that. For eg. if the project has completed all deliverables then PM can suggest that the change be taken up after project completes in next release. 

If there is a specific question let me know

As per my understanding Changes are following through following steps:


1) Take a written chnage request from the customer

2) Asses or understand the request

3) then evalaute impact assesment

4) Perform Integrated change control

5) On basis on CCB decision, if it is approved make necessary changes to the project plan, baseline etc

6) Inform to the customer

7) close the change request


Please correct me if above mentioned steps have any ambiguity.

Certain times, question have both options Impact asset and Writting formal Change request form. in that case which one is the right option to select?


The steps you mentioned above is a typical way of change management process handled in many companies based on ITIL framework.

However Rita's PMP guide mentions the below steps :

1. Prevent the root cause of changes - Proactive approach

2. Identify change - can be from PM himself as a result of variance analysis, from sponsor, the team management, the customer, stakeholders.

3. Look at the impact of the change 

4. Create a change request

5. Perform Integrated Change control (which includes the below steps)

        a. Assess the change -  Like, does this fall within proj charter ?

        b. Look for options - Options may be to look for crashing, fast tracking and so on.

        c. Change is approved/rejected -  Unless the change affects the PM plan, baselines, company       policies and procedures,  the charter, contract  or scope of work, the company's policies many not allow the PM to approve the change.

        d. Update the status of the change in the change control system.

6. Adjust the PM plan, proj documents and baselines. 

7. manage stakeholders expectations by communicating the change to those affected by the change

8. Manage the project to the revised PM plan and Proj documents.