Change Control Question

You are the project manager for a project, which is being managed under a contract

. You receive a change request from the buyer involving a government regulation.
 What should you do FIRST? 
Choice 1 Talk with team members to understand implications of the change.
Choice 2 Communicate the change to the management to get their inputs.
Choice 3 Open up a change control.
Choice 4 Implement the change and communicate to the customer.



The change is a regulatory requirement, hence what ever may be the impact of the change on the project, it has to be implemented. Hence, open the change request.


option 3

..... is the right answer according to the simulator

1 - because first I would analyze the impact of the change, then open change and go to change control board...

 P 428 


change control: Identifying, documenting ======

Before talking to Team, == option 3's ===== 2actions necessary, later see is it required or not.

 Open up a change control.

Hello sspawar,

i like ur approach to answering questions, making appropriate references helps in guidance.

Here, i ask myself: does it mean that any change request from a customer (relating to Govt regulation, and the project is a subsset of a contract) MUST go straight to opening a change control?  Then, what is the role of the PM? EVen I know the change has to do with regulatory policy, which has utmost priority.. But will it not be incumbent on the PM to examine the implications with team mates advice customer?

Thanks as i look forward to hearing from you.