can change be accomodated after WBS creation without CR process?

Q-you took up work for restoration of old museum. you are planning and you are preparing the list of deliverables and documenting all the steps. now your client wants a gift shop in the museum . What step will you take next?



- "update wbs" 

- "Document the scope change and analyze it before sending it for approval"?

The answer to this question explains that since you are still in planning phase, you should change wbs however i feel that since it is in planning phase and wbs has already been created that means scope is baselined.Hence any changes here on should be considered under Change request.

please assist.

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Hi samy001us,

Thanks for bringing a wonderful Question.

Change in inevitable and can occur any time. So Change can be expected no matter how you have planned your project.

You are in the Planning phase this is what the Question is asking:

SO you should know first What are the Processes involved in Planning Process Group and before that you should know what Processes has been done before Planning i.e Initiating:

So let's review first the Initiation and Then will come To Planning:

Conduct project selection methods
Project Scope
Document high-level risks, assumptions, and constraints
key stakeholder analysis
Develop Project Charter
Project Charter Approval

Record detailed customer requirements, constraints, and assumptions with
stakeholders, in order to establish the project deliverables
Identifying Key Team Members
Create WBS
Develop Change Management Plan
Identifying Project Risks
Obtain Project Plan Approval

and Finally

Conduct Kickoff meeting

Just look at the Steps, Isn't it clear..

Let's say you are even in the last phase before Kickoff meeting, You have to approve the Project Management Plan from the Customer.

First you have to review whether this Change was in the Scope when Higher Level Scope was defined in the Initiating Process Group. If even not and the Customer is asking so you can see Planning is about Recording Detailed Customer requirements.

So you can plan your WBS accordingly and Time,Cost mentioning. Normally these Things do happen when either the project is started or in Planning phase. Customer seeking for new things and asking for it and normally the Vendor asks for Extra money and time and always approved from both sides cause both sides know that any change identified in this phase is Hundred times less costly then appeared in the late phases of the Project.

I hope it's clear.

Kind regards,

The PMP Guru.


My understanding of this question :

"you are preparing the list of deliverables" 

Could these be the list of customer deliverables (found out in "Collect Requirements" phase to meet customer expectation) and not the deliverables in WBS perspective? And hence this requirement was found out in one of TT of Collect requirements, hence can be changed without CR

However, once we have an "approved" WBS in place, IMHO there is no way we can bypass CR process for any change (as per PMBOK)

PMP Gurus, please let me know if my understanding is incorrect.



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I am sorry, Can you please explain it abit. I didn't understand and please also TT? IMHO?

Kind regards,


Apologies...explaining the Short forms

TT - Tools and Technique

IMHO - In my honest opinion 

Question says "now your client wants...." that means the requirement was not there while collect requirement process. Deliverables are recorded in project scope statement. The question doesn't say client is 'potential client' or the contract is already in place and the client is 'firm client'. If the contract is placed (which can happen before preparing project scope statement). "Assuming" contract is in place, it is require to document and take approval of any new requirement from client. I assimed contract is in place because the early part of the question says "you took up work...." that means client has given contract and you have started project by applying various project mangement processes.

Pradeep Sodha


As you are in the planning process, where you will be creating the project scope statement, after which you will be creating the WBS, I belive that you dont need a CR(as nothing is finalised yet, still ur gathering requirements or stakeholders need)

You need a CR only after the project plan is signed off...meaning any change after the project plan is approved need to go through a CR

Hope this helps...if you are still unclear please gothrough Rita's process chart...

There is a Rita's process chart game as well...which will be helpfull...