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Dear Certified PMP Professionals,

As you know that your career takes a new turn after PMP certification. You are suddenly seen as an Expert PM and able to manage projects much better. Not only that you are able to act as a consultant and feel more confident of managing projects.

After PMP there is generally some questions which come to mind

  1. What is the best and fastest way to collect PDUs
  2. What are some other certifications I can take
  3. Do I have more career options now ? How can I further increase my Market value ?

This forum is created specially for this. Discuss your life after PMP with other PMP certified professionals. This forum could prove a very useful and important tool in networking with PMP certified professionals.

 And yes its moderated to cut the spammers out and keep the genuine users in. ! Enjoy Cool

Feel free to start new forum threads.



Thanks Admin for this God speed forum creation, thanks once again...


Bhupesh Mansukhani,PMP

For those in the UK life beyond PMP is a chartered project professional from the APM. This will raise the bar for project management because you will need a CV, competancy assessment and inteview to get qualified. You have to demonstrate you can do then job not just answer questions about it.

Hello !
I am also a new member. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guy !



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Dear All,

Could you please guide me, which online course is good for taking ITIL training and getting PDUs...

Most importantly it should be under category-3 (means PMI Registered Education Provider).

Best Regards,

Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, PMP

PM certification actually great as I hear about it verbally but never get the chance to have proper online essay review information about it. But today reading this complete article added the knowledge and really it has so many benefits.