Ban the user

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Dear Admin,

Ban this user (egypt) for posting such a garbage on our professional forum.

Please take necessary steps to freeze this type of postings in our PMZilla.

Dear All, Please respond to it and give your opinion.


Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, PMP 

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I guess it's time for PMZILLA to take initiative and stop spamming.

I have seen PMZILLA has been underattack by spammers.



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Thanks < I have blocked this user, in fact, if there are any users with illegal post or continously post to advertise are also banned. I do warn them.


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@Admin, I am not an expert in Web thing but there is something called "Flood Control" or something, I don't exactly which can be used to control continously sending messages by a bot or Man or Machine.

Also please check if there is any possibility for a Spam control feature in your page.