August 12th, 2009 - Passed PMP Exam - My comments

Hi All -

 I took the PMP Exam yesterday and passed with "Proficient" in 2 Areas and "Moderately Proficient" in the other 3.

 Just a few comments to help you: 

1.  MOST IMPORTANT -  I can not offer a better write up than what nfunguy posted a few days back.  His write up was IDENTICAL to what I experienced on the exam.  DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and look at his write-up and focus on those areas.  Also, I too got the same rewards question he mentioned...I chose to rework the system.     THANK YOU nfunguy for the write-up !!! 

2.  The areas touched on most in my exam (as nfunguy states).  Risk,  Quality, and Procurement.  Many questions on contracts.

3.  My prep for the exam.   I can't say I read the PMBOK front to back.   I read the entire Andy Crowe Book "The PMP EXAM - How to Pass The First Time".   This is what I read front to back...highlighting as I went along.  Taking the chapter tests as I went along.  Reread where possible, especially the chapters I was weak in.  The day before the exam,  I took the final exam in the back of his book. Tried to close any big gaps still remaining (you will always have some gaps in my opinion...I never felt 100% comfortable with the material)    I found the questions to be very similar to how his are worded. 

4.  Earned Value calculations were straight-forward (as nfunguy states) as long as you know the basic formulas.

 5. I had a diagram where I had to state what the critical path was...which is easy to figure out....just choose the path with the longest duration.  However....the diagram had a path in there connecting two activities with a dotted line (not a solid line).  I could not remember what this was for.  Perhaps a dummy task?  Anyway...look for an example for that....I assumed it was a dummy task/path and did not include its duration in my calculation for critical path.  or maybe they were just trying to trick me and use a dotted line.  LOL   I need to go look that one up.  :-)

 6.  Final nfunguys what he listed......and good luck !!!   I did not find the exam to be overly "tricky" .

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Congratulations Goose and Thanks for sharing your experience, I am sure this will reinforce few things for aspirants


Congratulations!! Thanks for the inputs, they are valuable.

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Congratulations to you!!