[Ask] Teaching Assistant Job to collect PDU

 Hi All,


I just passed my PMP exam recently and I was wondering if getting a job as a Teaching Assistant in an university will qualify as Category D: Creating New Project Management Knowledge.

If yes,

1) Do I need to keep the letter of employment from the university for the audit?

2) Assuming 2-hour class per week for 13 weeks and 1 hour preparation per week, does that mean that I can claim 39 PDUs?


Thank you


Congratulations on passing the PMP exam!

 I think that the time as a TA can be used, subject to the below:

- The TA job needs to be in a subject area related to management/ project management. You can perhaps (just a suggestion) refer to the Domains, Tasks, Knowledge and Skills as outlined by PMI in the PMP Exam Content Outline or the PMBoK itself.

- You need to be lecturing, directing or leading the student group. That's the time that could be utilised.

- Time spent on grading of assignments won't count.

- Time spent on preparation won't count.

You will need to save the appointment letter. Additionally, a letter from the department outlining your duties would also help in case of an audit.


You might want to check with PMI.


Just my thoughts.





Yes the subject I am going to teach is Project Management and I am going to lecture students.


Thanks for the information. I am going to contact the PMI helpdesk for more information