Any takers for Rita's 6th, Andy Crowe's 4th and PMP Challenge 4th Edition by J. LeRoy Ward...?

Dear Colleagues,

As you know PMP BOY has earned his PMI Credential certificate PMP on July 15, 2011 so he would like to
sell the following PMP Exam preparation books:

  • Rita's 6th Edition:  purchased brand new for US $62.37.

  • Andy Crowe's 4th Edition:  purchased brand new for US $68.00.

  • J. LeRoy Ward's PMP Challenge 4th Edition:  purchased used one for US $13.40.

All of these books are in EXCELLENT conditions and have no markings of any kind etc. etc.
If any future PMP aspirants interesed then PLEASE drop a line of your offer at:
 [tuc underscore actc at yahoo dot com]

Thanks in advance,