Another Professional Responsibility Question......

  The seller`s project is undertaken on contract and you are an employee of the seller.

 Since you had worked earlier with ABC Bank, the buyer, you happen to be aware 
of the evaluation criteria used in ABC Bank to select sellers. 
You understand that this could be a potential conflict of interest situation. How do you propose to act?
  Choice 1 Do nothing and continue to work as before
  Choice 2 Take appropriate person in ABC Bank into confidence and discuss this issue with her
  Choice 3 Disclose the evaluation criteria to your (seller) organization and help their business growth
  Choice 4 Remove yourself from the project

Choice 4

I think this is a typical one for "never put yourself into a position where you as PM have advantages compared to others"

 Option 4 will be the better decision.

option 1 will not be appriciable, because , in this you are not disclosing your situation to seller as well buyer may figure out your presence and can hurt the benefit of your current company(seller).

While option 4 - indicating that you have been aware your status to your current company and will be away so that buyer may not be biased.

.......PMStudy says otherwise...........


Justification : 

Option 2: This is the correct answer. Since the evaluation criteria are proprietary information of ABC Bank, it is important for you to discuss the matter directly with the appropriate person in the ABC Bank. 


Option 1: This introduces conflict of interest as to whether to act or not in favor of your current employer. 


Option 3: This is unethical, because proprietary information of the buyer should not be disclosed. 


Option 4: This is an extreme step that could be taken only if required after talking to the buyer. 




 This is 3rd question you are referring from PMSTUDY, which are showing unexpected answers. Mr. Raza have you authentic test packages.

can you tell test no and question numbers.

Everyone in this forum said that PMSTUDY is the closest to the real exam, so I tried to disregard other test and work on this one.

I too  found this strange and there are some more questions as well which I will post it later.

This question is from the free PMSTUDY test, question no: 84