And the answers are?

Dear All.


What would be the answer to the following two questions? I got it right. Surprising but true. And if I got it right then most of Zillians also should.


Q 1:   You're responsible for the close project or phase process on a large project. You're asked to report the activities you are performing. These activities include defining how the project will transfer the services produced to the operational division of the org. Which term described these activities?

A. Contract Closure

B., The PMP

C. Administrative Closure

D. Deliverable acceptance



Q 2: The PM Team has produced a Requirements Management Plan. What is the main purpose of this document?


A. To link requirements to their origin and trace them throughout the project.

B. To document how requirements will be analysed, documented, and managed throughout the project.

C. To describe hoe individual reuirements meet the business need of the project.

D. To provide guidance on how project scope will be defined, documented, verified, managed, and controlled.


Warmly, KK....


Seems a bit tricky. But my guess is:

1. C

2. D

and right answers.

Hi Karthik and respected Pawarji Sir,


You have chosen absolutely the correct choices. Yes, the questions were, for sure, tricky and that is why I sent it on Zillla for many to see.


Good and please keep going Karhik. When is your exam BTW?


And as I said before if I can get both of them right, many of you too. Thanks for holding my belief!!!


Warmly, KK....


For Q2, I thought answer is 

B. To document how requirements will be analysed, documented, and managed throughout the project.

Referring section in PMBOK-4th ed (pg 110)

Am I missing something?


Thanks, RT.

 Also, I believe the answer to second question is B.  Is there anything we are missing ?



Hi RT and MKanwar,


Where do both of you live? If you live in Delhi could you please come to Dwarka and shoot me point blank. I think I should stop posting questions at all.


Actually, since I am so very obsessed with respected Pawarji Sir that I said it right. I should not have done this since there are many newbees who are also subscribing to Zilla. Am so very very sorry RT. I ask for your forgiveness and from others too. This hero-worshipping jazz is going too far for comfort RT/MK.


Yes, you are true. B is the true answer mate.

Let me sound it off with explanations:


" RMP documents how requirements will be analysed, documented, and managed throughout the project. "A" defines RTM, "C" defines the requirements documentation, and "D" defines Scope Management Plan".


Thanks so much RT/MK and now I shall think infinite times before posting any question.


Thanks again and apologies mates.


Warmly, KK...

Thanks KK for the questions.

I also feel answer should be B as per PMBOK 4. Why you think it should be D.




Oh Its B I saw you already clarified above.



Hi RD,


Do not worry. Take a chill pill.


You guys are seeing no more questions from me no more. I have NO rights to mislead others. I shall stop.


Warmly, KK....

Its ok my friend. You should post more questions it would help all.

Keep posting for the benefits of others.




q is about a document(noun)

p110 is describing about plan

plan and documents are I think different.

any way framing of q is ittle mischivious. thanks to correct me.