Analogous estimating

Analogous estimating?
a) Uses bottom up estimating techniques
b) Is used most frequently during the executing processes of the project.
c) Uses top down estimation techniques.
d) Uses actual detailed historical records.
This is from Rita Guide. but if you see page 169; it says Analogous  estimating uses historical data from a smiliar project/activity.
Does the word "detailed" in option D makes it wrong. Rita says the answer is C.
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This is already discussed before

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Uses actual detailed historical records. Means in that hestorical records of that project called a Bottem-UP estimation.  

Assume current project The Detailed actual estimates is the bottem of the WBS. i.e called Bottem-UP. 

After completion of the project, they made available for future projects as Historical records.

Eventhough if you refer that detailed historical records for onother new current project, then that Bottem-up estimates not going to become Top-Down.  Still it refers Bottem-up from previous project.

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Analogous estimation uses high level historical data. Rita's ans is correct. You can read more about it in Analogous and Parametric estimation.