Am I Ready for the Exam ?? -- Here is my PMStudy Score !


I am not sure If I am ready for the exam..Pmbok5

here is my Path..

1 ) Watch a Video ( CBT Nugget )
2 ) Read Rita Book Twice
3 ) Get the online course ( Skillsoft ) - To get 35 PDU

At this point I practice Questions and Answer.. here is my result

Exam 3 = 63%
Exam 1 = 71%
Exam 2 = 69%

NOTE : These are the result of the first time I take each exam, and the order, I did Exam 3, then 1, and 2 at the end.

Any recommendations ?


Though the mock exam scores are not directly proportional to the passing percentage of final pmp exam, they reflect your ability to manage time, keep your concentration steady during 4 hours,and apply the process knowledge you acquired (pmbok)in real life situations.I am not a fan of cbt nuggets pmp lessons, though I use them regularly for technical certifications.In my opinion you are not ready for the exam.A thumb rule is to score from a good exam above 75 % consistently. Finally its your own judgement ,my advice is to go through Christopher Scordo questions and pmzilla questions.

Do you have any recommendation for other Good Mock exam ?

ok i will try Christopher Scordo questions and pmzilla questions.

Hi philzs.. Only today I passed the exam and with more confidence I am being frank by saying I think you are not ready. Try to brush up the concepts more and aim for a consistent 70+ for at least 3-4 mocks and then you are ready. Try Oliver Lehman 75 & 175 questions, if you score >=75% in these exams then I think you are ready.

Having said that real exam is no where compared to these mocks as it is very very different and conceptualized.

thanks, did you try PM Study ? what do you think compare to Oliver Lehman ?

PMStudy is even good but for some reason I felt Oliver exam pattern of framing questions are closer to the exam. Just my though and even the one exam I took of PMStudy I scored 75%.

Training institute I attended have given me 10 mocks exams and they are really helpful though.

what is the training compagny did you use ?

i have pminmontreal or globalknowledge here, any advices ??

as you know my actual result do you have some recommendation on what to do next?


I have attended the training with Knowledge Woods and their mocks are good.

Try to improve your knowledge over the concepts than targeting mocks, once your concept is clear same mock will fetch you more percentage

Since you have completed one round of preparation try process wise like concentrate more on Initiating & Closing first, then Planning, Executing, Monitoring.

This way your percentage of process might improve and overall score too.

My way of preparation though.

How is the level (easy, medium, tough) of questions from Christopher Scordo question bank ?