Administer a contract

 Which of the following should you (the buyer) pay attention to when you administer a contract?

  a) Ensure that contractual obligations are met.
b) Apply appropriate project management processes to the contractual relationship and integrate the outputs from these processes to the overall management of the project.
 c) Monitor payments to the seller.
d)  Perform regular procurement audits.



A. close procurement activity

B. conduct procurement activity

D. close procurement activity

 I answered C as well as we are in administer procurements. However the answer is D.


Justification:A procurement audit is a structured review of the procurement process originating from Plan Procurements process through Administer Procurements process. This is one of the tools and techniques used in Close Procurements process. 

Reference: PMBOK® Guide Fourth Edition, Pages 336 and 343



Can someone please explain why. The question is in pmstudy.