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 Yes Sir, D is right. I have answered as C. Can you please explain as to why should D be selected?


Answer :C is more correct


 6.4.3 Estimate Activity Durations: Outputs

.1 Activity Duration Estimates
Activity duration estimates are quantitative assessments of the likely number of work periods that will
be required to complete an activity. Duration estimates do not include any lags as described in
Activity duration estimates may include some indication of the range of possible results. For example:
• 2 weeks ± 2 days to indicate that the activity will take at least eight days and no more than
twelve (assuming a fi ve-day workweek).
• 15% probability of exceeding three weeks to indicate a high probability—85% percent—that
the activity will take three weeks or less.
.2 Project Document Updates
Project documents that may be updated include, but are not limited to:
Activity attributes, and
Assumptions made in developing the activity duration estimate such as skill levels and availability.