Activity Duration Formulae CheatSheet Anil Tanguturi

I'm checking Formulae CheatSheet Anil Tanguturi and found that



Activity Duration

(EF – ES) or (LF – LS)


Forward Pass: (Add 1 day to Early Start)

EF = (ES + Duration - 1)


Backward Pass: (Minus 1 day to Late Finish)

LS = (LF - Duration + 1)



My question, is Activity Duration correct, based on that +1 was considered for EF and LS?

In case 6 -- formula is based on 0 start method

In case 7 and 8 - formula is based on 1 start method.

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there is an example given on  0and 1 start  method, observing that you can understand.

can you forward me this cheat sheet  complete at

Thanks sspawar, that's why I was asking to ensure

Here is the link: