80/20 Principle

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Guys - I know that this is a really simple concept to grasp but it has been bugging me recently. The problem is, I know from previous studies in relation to other degrees that I have, the 80/20 principle AKA Pareto principle was developed by Vilfredo Pareto. Why is at that Rita advocates in her book that this principle has been developed by Joseph Juran??? Maybe I am missing something...


Business-management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto,

This is where I found.



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Thank you Archana. It really is strange as I have read in multiple books that the principle had stemmed from Pareto himself...

i believe it did - the 80/20 rule was developed by pareto. he used it to explain distribution of wealth.


Juran was the first to apply the theory to quality mgmt...........


thats how i understand it.

dont get too deep for the exam though.......i believe Juran is the answer

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Cool! Yeah, it probably wouldn't be asked in that context on the exam but it was just something that frustrated me :-)