35 Contact Hours

Hi ,

Can anyone provide me the quality  source(s) for earning 35 contact hours online

at a nominal price?


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You can either try the PM Prepcast or SimpliLearn for your 35 Contact hours. Both are equally good. PM Prepcast is for $99 and SimpliLearn if for $49 . Check out the respective websites for details



 I recommend PM Prepcast even though it is expensive but worth its value.

The PM PrepCast is a PMP® Exam Prep Video Workshop that you download to your portable media player like an iPod, Blackberry or Zune. This gives you the freedom to study for the exam wherever and whenever you want. It is a complete PMP® exam study approach that increases your chance of passing the PMP® Exam. It will shorten your study time because it keeps you focused and you don't have to read dozens of other books to prepare. Watch the 42 hours of video from The PM PrepCast and you'll be ready to tackle the exam.

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