15th of December, passed for the first try


2,5 months study. Few hours (4) per week for 1,5 month 4 hours a week for 3 weeks and 3 full days on the wekk prior to the test.

Study matterial:

PMP exam prep (Rita): thank you RMC

sts.ch (online test): thank you guys

PMP Comprehensive notes: thank you Chowdary

PMBOK e-book: not read it in its completeness, thourough matterial though not a study book.


This is a challenging exam. I have given myself only a slight chance to pass on the day of the exam. I consider myself an established student (university degree, MBA, bla-bla-bla) though this is a though one. A study group would have made it easier to evaluate my prepardness and discover my weaknesses. Good luck for everyone ahead of it. 





Congratulations on passing your PMP exam ,  I plan to take the exam in 1 week. Can you please provide me with the PMP Comprehensive notes that you refered before the exam

Email id is : usabk2003@gmail.com

Appreciate your help.



Hi, can you please provide me with the PMP Comprehensive notes, thanks very much.

email-addr : leesf@hlag.com


Congratulations on passing the exam.

I have scheduled my exam for Jan 5, 2012 (10 days from now). Would you be kind enough to share the PMP Comprehensive notes. Would be very grateful to you.

Thanking you

PMP Aspirant

link for conprehensive notes...