120 Hours study, minimum 600 questions practiced and you are 100% sure you will pass with good score.

I cleared PMP today with considerably good score and satisfaction.

How did I prepare for PMP? Having a PMP certification was a dream for me and I was thinking to start preparation a year ago.

Honestly I started prepareing in mid of March this year. I obtained following strategy which really gave me good confidence and result.


1. Have a first reading of PMBOK in detail. No matter whether you understand everything or you dont. Highlight key points while reading PMBOK. Trust me, reading and knowing PMBOK is big MUST.

2. Once you finish with PMBOK, take any book such as Rita Mulcahy or anyother. I started reading Rita Mulcahy and did a complete reading of it. While reading I focused more on the gaps which I observed while reading PMBOK.

3. When I am finish reading each chapter in Rita Mulcahy, I attempted mock exam given for each chapter and recorded my score. Beyond recording my score I as well tried to understand those questions which I could not answer correctly.

4. While reading Rita Mulcahy, I took notes from this book as well.

5. Once I finished with Rita Mulcahy book, I then obtained a strategy to go over my notes of each chapter and then attempt mock exam again, my score was drastically increased.

6. I had gather sample question papers for each chapter, I attempted that questions as well as first try and my score was in sync with what I got in 2nd attempt of Rita Mulcahy book.

7. I finihshed solving question papers and understanding failed questions in about 1 week.

8. For last 3 days, I was just reading my notes again n again.

9. Some people may consider this idea a s foolish but I followed it, I practice all formula by writing them 10 times on paper (on the eve prior to my exam day). Ofcourse while reading and studying I completely understood all formulas and where they are used and what is a significance.

10. There are certain formula's that are used in Time Management, Cost Management. You need to read question very carefully.

11. I would recommend to focus more on Risk Management, Procurement Management, they are the most cruicial topics from exam stand point, I observed this while solving all questions including real exam.


1. The key point for PMP study is to solve as much question as you can.

2. Try to understand why your answer was not correct.

3. Monitor your score while solving sample question papers.

4. Monitor how much time do you take to solve a question paper or each question.

5. I would recommend that atleast 120 hours study is required.

6. Once you find your average score is falling betweekn 80% to 85% go ahead and apear for the exam.

7. Once your reading of PMBOK is complete just go ahead and schedule your exam with a gap of 1 month.

I have lots more tips and technique for this exam but it will be too lengthy to post it here.

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Congratulations on your PMP. I agree that more focus is requried on Risk and procurements, especially if you dont have much experience in that area.



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Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.

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