10 Days to Exam

I have 10 days remaining for my exam date.. I have studied Rita's text book 3 times, Andrew Crowe's book 3 times, and the PMBOK skimmed through it once. I've done a few exams and quizzes online from Exam Central and PMP Exam Simulator, as well as Andy Crowe's exam at the end of the book and i have scored in all of them over a 75% (usually ranging between 75 - 85% depending on the exam).

Any pointers at this point in time to enhance my studying technique or do anything better/different?

I'd appreciate your advice!

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The more you practice, the more confident you become. I practice over 2000 questions during one month before my exam.

I'm now PMP
Good luck

I am also planning m,y exam in next 1.5 months time....please can you let me know the various tests you refered to...and rate them according to which you find close to exam or would recommend.



Please share the questions you practiced . it would be great help for all PMP aspirants

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I have so far used exam simulator http://exam.pm-exam-simulator.com, exam central http://www.examcentral.net/, head first labs www.headfirstlabs.com/PMP, Andy Crowe's questions and Oliver's 75 questions. My exam is soon; i have scored around an 80% on all of the above except Oliver's questions which i seem to be scoring much less on! I am not sure which questions are more like PMP exam from the list above.

I have use online exam simulator to proepare for my exam. This was the most difficult exam i ever pass :( It was crazy. PMP Exam Simulator