03/01/2011 - Passed PMP, First attempt

 Hi all...., Today I passed my PMP exam on the first attempt and here are my two cents..., 

1)Total prep time was for 3 months. But I would count the last 2 weeks for serious prep.

2) Got my 40 hours credit from PM Prep Cast (Podcasts)

3) Had a one time glance at PMBOK guide.

4) Rita's book is the bible. I read it once but in full without skipping a word in the book. 

5) The questions at the back of each chapter in Rita's book is a blessing.. I did them twice and followed through the explanations for wrong answers.

6) Took 5 mock exams in total - One from Rita's fast track, others from PMP exam simulation. 

7) Stopped reading the evening before the exam and watched a movie at home :-) That was a big relief.

On the exam day, I arrived at the center 1/2 hour before. I dumped all the formulas and process chart information on the paper while going through the tutorial(15 mins). That helped me boost my confidence during the exam.

Answered most of the questions in the first pass but saved lengthy and mathematical questions for second pass. I took a break for 5 minutes in between.

I was able to complete the exam in 3 hours and 15 minutes. Spent the last 45 mins reviewing the answered questions.

Here is my result :

Moderately Proficient in all topics, except closing

Proficient in Closing.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of the people behind this wonderful website, which helped me a lot in analyzing the PMP exam. Also many thanks to all the members who shared their stories (Both positive and negative).

I'm glad this is over and I can get back to my normal routine :-)

Good Luck to all future PMP exam takers.

Hi, how were your mock exam scores? 

I am scoring high 60% like 67, 69 and only 88% in Head First.



My scores ranged between 57% and 90%.  (1 exam from RITA's and 4 from PMP simulation). Did not try Headfirst. 

Please describe your experience with ITTO. How many questions you got realted to ITTO.

About 7direct questions on ITTO. There were some more questions involving ITTO but they were situational questions.

 Hi All,

Passed the exam on 21-02-2011-First Attempt.

Thanks for all the participants who posted their  experience in PMzilla.

What I DID:


PMBOK 4th Edition guide 3 times.

Notes and documents and Several practice exams provided by Qlogy, where I went for 35hours training.

Chowdary and Rajesh Nair Notes

Almost all the Free exams provided under Exam and links in PM zilla site.I think HeadFirst 

and Oliver questions are very close to exam questions.

Rita Mulcahy Exam Prep - Once.


Other Suggestions:

Book the exam date well in advance ( Minimum 1 Month) so that you will have a target and

Never change the date.You will have tendency to reschedule but my suggestion stick to

the date.

According to me,PMBOK Guide is very important and try to understand the concept.If you are thorogh with concepts you should pass the exam.

Be confident and concentrate well when attending the exam.

Thanks & Regards