Your timeline to still become a PMP in 2017 – before PMP exam will change in Q1/2018!

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To have enough time for practicing you should start working with the simulator regularly somewhere in between; so you need to include this part in your daily/weekly learning routine). Finally, we have shortened the break between each try and latest next month we will have to delete at least one try, I guess.

I do also assume that the exact date for the exam change will be released soon and may be we do then have again a bit more time, depending on when this date will be. However, you still can and should do it in this year! All the best! )

I am sure you meanwhile all do know, that the PMP Exam will change in the beginning of 2018 (PMI hasn’t published a specific date yet but will so soon) based on the upcoming sixth Edition of the PMBoK Guide (this new edition will be released on the 6th of September 2017; for details about the upcoming changes please refer to this article: PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition will be released on 6th of September 2017 – everything you need to know about the new PMBoK guide Edition and the related exam changes!)

If you plan to become a PMP in 2017 you should assure to obtain this certification towards the end of 2017! You may ask yourself: “Why that? What is the reason for the pressure?”. Well, the changes coming with the new PMBoK Guide Edition will be significant and so the PMP exam changes (the new PMP exam is expected to become valid in the Beginning of 2018!) will be significant too.

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Your timeline to still become a PMP in 2017 – before PMP exam will change in Q1/2018!

If say I register within 1-2 months for the 2018 exam... can I defer taking test till nearly end of year? As I know it is a hard exam and need time to prepare. Will it be the PMBok version5 still? or the newer v6?

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Hi -

after you have applied to PMP exam and your application was confirmed by PMI you will receive a so-called "eligibility id"; this is needed for making an appointment with your exam center like Prometric.
This "eligibility id " is valid exactly for one year. Within this one year period, you do have 3 attempts in total to sit for the exam.

If you want to sit for the exam based on the 5th edition of the PMBoK Guide you will need to hurry now, cause the exam will change at the end of march in 2018.

If you do consider sitting for the exam based on the new 6th edition of the PMBoK Guide, I would recommend waiting for your application till you get all your prep materials aligned to this new version and also receiving some experience reports from already exam takers.
This does mean you should wait with your application till let's say mid of 2018. (Hint: Look, I am not talking about waiting with preparation!).
This way you will have then a full year (till mid of 2019) to prepare and sit for the exam ... all the 3 attempts ... if necessary.

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