Whats the order of learning the PMP Study Meterials

Hi Friends,

I have been a silent reader ever since from 2010 and now i have made up mind to jump into the band wagon of getting PMP this year. While going through the getting started page, many of the books of older versions are mentioned. Two questions are popping out of my mind 1. Should i start with the same order listed out there as a newbie 2. Should i get the latest editions of these books and start reading. Please guide me.

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If you can get your hands on the latest editions of the books it will be great. Almost 95% content is same in PMBoK 4th edition to 5th edition. There is an addition of new knowledge area stakeholder management and renaming of certain process and ITTO.

 Hello Ilyas,

I feel you must go for latest editions only. The reason being that PMP exam has changed last year (from Aug 1st 2013 onwards) and is now based on the latest Guide to PMBOK Fifth edition. Listed below are few of the major changes that are found on comparing the two PMBOK editions i.e. PMBOK 4 and 5:

- Number of knowledge areas has been raised from Nine to Ten

- The new guide contains 47 processes rather than 42 in the old version. This means that 5 new processes have been included i.e. Plan Scope Management, Plan Schedule Management, Plan Cost Management, Plan Stakeholder Management, and Control Stakeholder Management

- Few changes are observed in the terminology as well. For instance, word "Positive Risks" has been replaced with "Opportunities"

There are certain other changes as well...i suggest you yourself check them out at following link:


Hope you find this helpful.