Taking PMP exam April 25


I am taking the PMP exam in less than a week

Below are my scores:

Headfirst PMP- 82% - All 200 questions

RITA chapter - 82% - This is my score after taking the end of chapter exams the 2nd time

PMP pocket Prep - Averaging 72%

oliver lehmann 75 questions - 69% the second time

PMSutdy - 74%

What do you guyes think? Will need to review my PMStudy results. Should I attempt any other exams? I am thinking about taking the oliver lehmann 175 this week. However it will be my 2nd time taking it. I got around a 60% the first time but I did not fully understand the PMBOK yet. 

Any suggestions would be great. I am not a very good test taker.



You are doing good and should always be aiming to get around 70% in all practice exams. If you are interested in doing more questions or just revising the content before the exam, you can download our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor'  for 1200 questions and 688 flashcards. Additionally, we have content for revision from PMBOK 5th edition that would be helpful before you sit the exam. You can download the app here




Good luck with your studies


You should gauge yourself on tests after you have completed your studies (PMBOK Guide, reference books etc). Only the first time score should be counted. Second time (on the same test), our brain tends to remember the answers and score invariably improves.

You can find 3000+ questions here - http://www.pmbypm.com/free-pmp-sample-questions/

You should also read this article to check your readiness for the exam.



Izenbridge 100q - 82%

PMZest 100q - 46%

The 46% just crushed my spirits.. I am taking the exam on the 25. There were so many questions about making updates and which doc should it apply to. I was hoping for more situational question. Any suggestions on how accurate both exams are compared to the acutal exam? Is the PMZest scoring indicating that I am going to fail?

I felt that Izenbridge was a little to easy.

Please share your thoughts.