Rita's PM FASTRack vs Cornelius Fichtner PMP Exam Simulator

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Does anyone can comment on whcih of the following two PMP prep exam simulators is closer to the real PMP exam questions in terms of complexity and content (not the software itself) - Rita's PM FASTRack or Cornelius Fichtner PMP Exam Simulator?

I'm using both of them and have a feeling that Rita's one is more sophisticated in how the questions are formulated and is less based on the PMBOK Guide (5th edition), while Cornelius Fichtner PMP Exam Simulator questions are easier to understand and the answers heavily relied on the PMBOK contents. Also, the Cornelius Fichtner simulator has more direct questions related to the ITTO's, while Rita's one has just a few. Another difference: with regards to the Earned Value Method - Rita's questions are very simple (at least for me), they are using just a few basic formulas, while Cornelius Fichtner's questions shoot in all possible EV formulas.

My exam is on July 30th and I'm scoring 80 on both of the simulators (except 65 on Rita's Super PMP which seems to be a collection of the hardest questions from her PM FASTrack), but as the time approaches, I would like to put more focus on the one that will more closely simulate the real exam.

Will appreciate any thoughts and feedbacks.



I agree with Markus (pmcoe) that if you are scoring 80% in each simulator you are probably well prepared. But as you say you are taking the exam on the 30th and want to focus your attention on one tool or the other.

Like Markus I only used the PM Exam Simulator as my exam prep simulator. I found the questions very similar to those I encountered on the actual PMP Exam. I now do work for Cornelius and OSP as an independent contractor and also provide support for exam simulator feedback. Based on some recent feedback I think there may have been a few more situational questions of the type what should the PM do NEXT on the actual exam but the majority of respondents feel that the questions are very similar to those on the exam. I personally I know that OSP is always improving the questions for the simulator based on feedback like this. The one thing I do think differentiates the PM Exam Simulator is the feedback feature where you as a student can ask any question you want about a question in the exam simulator and get a very timely (usually with 24 hours) response. This can be to understand a concept better, argue a point about the answer or explanation, etc., etc. And the answers you get are from very experienced PMPs who know the PMBOK Guide very well as well as those topics that are regularly covered in the actual PMP Exam that are outside the PMBOK Guide. That said I used Rita's PMP Exam Prep as my #1 exam prep book and feel her questions were at the same level as those in the PM Exam Simulator.

Either way I think you have chosen the two best simulators available from both a software and content perspective. I don't get compensated on OSP's sales, just to make that perfectly clear. But I don't think you can make a bad decision either way and again based on your scores feel you have prepared well thus far and should feel good and confident going in to your exam.

Whichever option you chose I know Cornelius and I would really appreciate your opinion of the how similar his questions are to your experience was with the actual exam as that will impact, influence, and impact the content in the PM Exam Simulator.

Best of luck on your exam and I'd loved to get your feedback either way! 

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Many thanks for your detailed reply. I appreciate this. Sure, if I pass my exam, this forum will be the first to know (well, second, as my family will be the first :))



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Rita sources is good in my opinion and will give you good exposure. You need both to give you diverse flavour

Thank you Admin.


I passed the exam and posted here my full story. Hope it helps:



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PM Stimulator's are similar to real exam.



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Hello staspo,
Thanks for sharing your thought. I hope you are doing good.
I thing PMP exam is not an easy exam neither hard. Study and Practice can just prepare you 50% with what you need, the other 50% is your common sense and intuitions. Most of the questions will be situational and many will be long just for no reasons. Be prepared to face all type of questions and use your common sense to choose choices when you find them confusing.