Risk Q

A risk impact scale that uses rank ordered values are very low, low, moderate and high is considered:

a) a cardinal scale

b) an ordinal scale

c) probabibility-impact scale

d) linear scale

 As per definition of ordinal and cardinal , categorization in VL L M AND H will be a ordinal scale , option B.

But I didnt find this definition  in PMBOK. 

Have u come across such questions earlier?

Hi sspower, kindly shed more light on cardinal, ordinal, and linear scale...


Explaination given is:


A risk impact scale describes the severity of the risk on the projects outcom. Impact can be ordinal or cardinal values.

Ordinal scales are descriptive rank-ordered values such as low, medium, high risk.

Cardinal scales  use numerical values to quantify these impacts 0.2, 0.4, 0.6.

Both ordinal and cardinal scales assigns relative values to the impacts on project objectives if risks occured

Ans C?

i too chosed Probabibility impact matrix and got it wrong 

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