Read only PMBOK and getting 70-80% score on practice exams, enough?


I studied the PMBOK and I'm now constantly getting a score between 70 and 87% on practice exams.

Question is: Am I ready to go to the real exam ? or do I need to follow the advice everybody is saying about getting a prep book (e.g. Rita, head-first, Andy Crowe..etc) ?

The legend says that PMBOK only covers about 75% of the exam, that's why I'm very worried that I have not read any other books.

Generally speaking 70% is a relatively bad score in any of the mock tests. I found a few articles that might help you.
* Facts about PMP passing score - It talks about the expectation of PMI from the test takers.
* Are you ready for the PMP Exam? - It provides a method to determine if you are ready for the exam or not.
* 13 Reasons to Invest in a Paid PMP Practice Exam - It provides reasons for taking a paid online test.
 You can also read a detailed comparison of 6 popular PMP exam simulators.
PMP reference book is an important part of the preparation. A book would be your constant study companion so you should choose it well. You can read this for review & comparison of 4 best selling books - Best PMP Study Guide.
This article will tell you which is the best book for you. Different people have different learning styles. So what may be good for others, may not be suitable for you.
All the best.

Thanks for your response and links, I like your website, it's very useful :)

Actually, My question is, if I manage to make that score consistently above 80 or 85%, do I still really need to buy one of the four famous books, or can the PMBOK be enough? P.S.: I have a fair experience as a PM in real life. And I'm considering just depending on that experience + PMBOK (read only once) + some questions and exams. I want to validate this plan as I'm not sure if it is enough :)

It depends on what exmas did you write. There are some mock exams out there which you can score 80% without even reading PMBOK and then there some where its very difficult  to get75% even with reading PMBOK and RITA.

I did few mock exams and will be able to tell you the average score people get just so you can benchmark your score

Yes you're right it depends on which mock exams I'm doing... Let me rephrase my question. Can reading PMBOK be enough or is one of Rita/head first/andry crowe/kim's book mandatory ?

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Hello! I suggest you have to seek those books as well for you to get much more reliable and passable score. Do not give up. :) Just do anything that would be beneficial for you. :)
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