PMP Passed - May 11 2015

Hello All,

This forum has been a trusted source and thanks for everyone's LL they certainly provided excellent guidance to my journey to the PMP. I just took the exam this morning and certainly glad all the hard work finally paid off. Below is the journey to my PMP

Treated this as a project and used Asana to keep track of all of my tasks and schedules

Materials used:

- PMPrepcast for 35 contact hours.
- Passionate PM and Deepfriedbrain -->  Both sites have excellent sections on differences between - one term and another (ie Juran vs Deming vs Crosby, attribute sampling vs variable sampling)
- This site for inspiration and LL. Thanks everyone!
- --> His study notes are of excellent quality. Highly recommended.  Some of the important points didn't make sense at first but having done all the pratice exams and reviewing the notes again they made total sense. The best thing about his study notes is that it cuts out the fat and to the point.

Exams used:

All free exams.  If you're a PMI member make sure you have a go with Scordo located at the virtual library, there are 18 lite exams of 50 questions each which was perfect for keeping pace

- Oliver Lehman - 75 + 175 - 77%
- Exam Central - 77
- PM Study - 77%
- PM Simulator - 78%
- Scordo 1-18 - 79%

I started with Oliver and Exam central early on.  Towards the middle I turned to PMStudy.  The last week before the exam I kept myself on pace with 100 Scordo questions every night and then go back to study the weak areas afterwards.  That helped a lot.  The point where I felt I was ready when the questions start repeat themselves on the different exams and I could answer them with relative ease.  The 2nd to last day I made sure I understand the major deliverables and how they transition input to the next process. The last day before the exam I relaxed and didn't study too much. 

Things I wished I did differently:  I wished that I began the practice questions earlier. If I were to do this again I would do this as soon as I've done the 1st pass of the PMBoK and progressively elaborate between studying and testing. That'd probably save some time.  

The Exam:

As all of the others mentionied, the format is closest to PMStudy.  It helps more to understand what the ITTO does rather than memorizing them.  

The questions were neither hard nor easy.  There were a few questions that didn't make any sense but I didn't let those bog me down and quickly moved onto the next question.  I did 170 questions and went for a break for 5 mins.  Came back to finish the rest of the questions and had an hour to review the marked questions.  Actually took most of the last hour to review the questions.  Hit the 'End Exam' button and the congratulations message came up with 3Ps and 2 MPs, and what a relieve that was!

That's all folks! I need to reclaim some of my time for 'normal life' now!




Congratulations ...

Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for sharing your PMP experiance here.........!

-Poonam Patel

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Congratulations on reclaiming your normal life back again.

Thanks for this post





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Thanks for sharing!It Helps!


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Congratualations ..!! Nice Post.. 

Congratulations on passing your test!

The Scordo questions you were reffering to, are those on the page that gets redirected to Books24x7 under eReads and Refference PMP Exam Prep: Questions, Answers & Explanations, 2013 Edition? And how helpful did you find those questions to be? Thanks