PMP, if we remove defect and another shows because of it why to utilize the change control process?

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Hi guys I have the following question in test example of PMP;

While implementing an approved change, a critical defect was introduced. Removing the defect will delay the product delivery. What is the MOST appropriate approach to managing this situation?
A. Utilize the change control process.
B. Crash the schedule to fix the defect.
C. Leave the defect in and work around it.
D. Fast-track the remaining development.
Correct answer is A, why is that the most appropriate, because: At this stage in the project phase the defect has been encountered, when this happens you cannot ignore it. Under PMBOK methodology all changes (for good or bad) that are identified have to go through change control. The change is then assessed by the change control board (or appropriate people) and then either approved or rejected. It is approved or rejected once viewing the impact on scope, time, cost, resources, etc.

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