PMP Exam Sample Question #7

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PMP Exam Sample Question #7

What is the process for aggregating the estimated costs of individual activities or work packages to establish a cost baseline known as?

A. Estimate Costs
B. Plan Cost Management
C. Control Costs
D. Determine Budget

HINT: Cost baseline is an output of which process?

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This is an initiative for high quality sample question discussion! Therefore please do not only wright "answer D" or somewhat like that; instead please justify your choice with at least a few words. And to be perfect you do also justify why the other answers which couldn't be right or are not the best choice.
Doing it this way it will benefit the community most.

Answers without any argumentation at least for your choice may be deleted; this should assure a high quality discussion. Thanks for reading and your understanding.
Solution will provided after some postings with justified choices. ;)


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