PMP Cram Preparation (2 weeks)

Hello colleagues,

I just joined today in hopes that I might find some guidance.

I am recently unemployed PhD computer science with management experience and a quick learner.

I have an interest to get PMP certification quickly.

What advice, if any, can you provide for someone who is thinking about putting the pedal to the metal going throught this material in the fastest possible manner?

Also, free is best. I find that most information is already out there (if you know where to look).

Thanks to all.


I too have some significant education as a London School of Economics and Harvard and Boston University and University College Dublin Graduate. I went into this thing totally arrogant and got my ass kicked. I studied initially all of the technical looking material and zoned in on the diagrams (standard procedure for any Economics graduate - huge mistake).

Learning this material is the strangest thing I have encountered - first it's similar to learning to read and memorize the phone book. So actual memorization is out of the question, you really just need to relax and take it in over a period and let the material 'gel'. You must also do 1000+ practice questions, this step is not optional.

What I did was put the exam out 4 weeks when I realized I was totally on the wrong track. I might have passed if I sat it but wouldn't have been satisfied with the three letters, I'm looking to learn how to be a better project manager. Plus it should be some fun if it's going to be your career.

If you have the time - by all means put some hours in - but don't hammer it, I bet the several thousand terms will do to you what they did to me.

Having said that, it's just an opinion - I would be happy to hear you did it quick and well.

Good luck.


Thanks Brian for your imformative response. I will take heed and allow more time for such an endeavor.