Passed PMP Exam : My LL

Hi All

I successfully passed PMP exam. That was hectic few months of preparation with Job and Family with three children at home. Thanks to my family who had supported me. My LL's are

Plan : Daily 1 to two hours of reading  for at least two to three months.

Mock test is a must. 

Online course from PMCHAMP / mock test

PMBOK : A must read at least three times  , first go :  a scan through , second go : to understand the flow , third one to read between the lines .

Headfirst : This book is great book of any one who is a starter

BrainBok ITTO mapping and mock Test

Rita version 7 Book , fasttrack and flashcard :  a must read two times

PMZILLA Mock test :  This test is the one which gave me the insight to know the second layer thinking

Forum : PMZILLA forum is a very active forum which had helped me a lot

Extra Material : Ravi nairs Notes : WOW this one is great.



Congrats Sunvar! BADHAIYAN!!! What were your proficiency levels? I am trying to check what could you achieve with 3 months of regular studies. Warmly, KK......

One P and 4 MP's


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Congratulations on your PMP and glad to know that you liked PMZilla exam. Thanks for endorsing



Congratulations on your achievement. I remember you were once posted on the forum if Rita is the closest to the actual exam. I guess you would have your answer by now. Can you please advise on which exam pattern was closest to real PMI - in your opinion.This information is only required to judge my preparations.

Thanks and enjoy the moment !


On my research and experience all have their own advantage no body has disadvantage. All have almost the same format. Rita is good at situational question and the review of the answers. Pmzilla too is really good to get into the core process flow and situational questions. Some people get really simple questions that can be understood in just one reading , but some questions specially that i faced had to be read twice to get the situation described as it was not clear on the reading terms.  The biggest problem for PM is to say "no" ,  there are questions which will require u to say "no" but situation will take you to think a soft answer.  So you should do get the foundation clear and strong. Anything that the customer requires you to change the objective of the project has to be consulted with the sponsor, PM dont go and study the impact and analysis on this case as it is a change required to change the project objective for which project was initiated.

GET ITTOS PERFECT , NOT LEARNING BYHEART BUT KNOWING ,  Where is scopebaseline used , where is scope statement used . why there is a difference where some places scopebaseline is used and some process scopestatement is used , 

 scopebase line is used for those process require WBS and WBS dictionary as an extra input ,  that means scopestatement is used even on the process where scopebaseline is mentioned because scopebaseline  = WBS + WBS Dictionary + Scope Statement.

Where is Quality Audit and Quality Metrics used  and why they are used 

BrainBok ITTO mapping is really good for these.

 Let me know if you need any help

-Varghese Easo