Passed the PMP Exam on 12-July-2011 and my lesson learnt...

Hi  All,

First of all Million thanks of PMZilla and members lesson learns are motivated me.

My honest lesson learn as follows:

Sequence order of studing

1.      PMraodtrip ( study metrial is good for to understand the concepts with an explanations )

2.      Rita Mulcahy book & PMFastrack questions (It’s an ultimate)

3.      Rajesh Nair excel sheet (Excellent study notes and very much useful in final exam days preparation, Seems he complied it from Rita & PMStudy, well done job )

4.      PMBOK (I would say it’s a best sleeping pill, So once you understand well by studying the above mentioned then it make more interesting in reading )

5.      PMZILLA (200 Tough Questions Plus 25 bonus question, If can score 70% in first attempt means that u can pass the real PMP Exam)

6.      ITTO ( Some peoples say better to braindump, But, I would say better to understand and link it up with the scenarios)


Please note! Don’t waste your valuable time in unnecessary free on-line questions, Once you understand the concepts try to practice Rita & PMZilla questions.


All the best for PMP aspirants…










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Hi Ram

Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for the concise but very useful writeup and as always Glad to know that PMZilla 200 questions helped you.