Passed PMP with 5 Ps - Thank you Education Edge

I Passes my PMP on Friday and what a relief. Thank you Hemant Dhariyal, for making this possible. My instructor Hemant Dhariyal's unique approach to PMP helped me understand the process rather than rely on memory. Exam is not difficult however poses certail level of complexity. If the concepts are clear, you will pass the exam. designed course has 5 internal exams which is unique in intself. It is a 8 week course with 3 exams during the course and 2 exams 200 questions each after the course.

Lesson learned:

1. Prepare process group way based on chapter 3 PMBOK.

2. PMBOK is the authoritative source of knowledge, Rita and other books are really not required.

3. Practice questions with each chapter covered.

4. Use the best audio video on PMP available.

5. Contact Hemant Dhariyal if you need advice -

6. Consistently prepare and test yourself.

7. Read PM Zilla blogs.

8. Dont stress too much memorizing ITTO - rather understand what outputs are consumed by which processes and why.