Passed PMP on 21 Feb 2012 - PMZILLA Tough 200

Hi All,
This is JS. I Cleared my PMP on 21st Feb 2012 on my first attempt. I was very excited to see the Congratulations!!! message after few seconds of big beats :)
I got 3Ps and 2MPs.
First of all, I thank my family without their support I could not made this.
This forum is my hang around place during my entire PMP journey.
Here is my LL.
1. I started with PMBOK, but Head First which gave me a solid base
2. Then I moved to Andy Crowe which made me understand the PMBOK in simple English.
3. I also listened to Prepcast which is an animated PMBOK - great work.
I Repeated step 1 and 2 again two more times. This time the PMBOK made lot of sense.
I also used this forum extensively and others, deep fried brain is my second place
I got stunned to a comprehensive piece from Rajesh Nair and Chowdry. They are champions.
Now Key Portion.
Practice. Practice. Practice.
I attended a lot,lot,lot of questions.
Free and Paid.
Simplilearn all test : AVG 75%
PMSTUDY all test : AVG 85%
Oliver 75 & 175 - 66 & 75% (very tough – useful to know his genius)
Head First :88 % (good grasp)
Exam Central 2 times: 78 and 88% (extensive collection)
Velociteach : 88% (good grasp)
Test Eagle : 82%
PMBOK Q & A: 94% (free for members)
and many others.
Some are bad quality. but I could easily identify the good quality ones.
Finally I took guess what?
PMZILLA tough 200 question the real champion out of the lot. Some questions are close too. The compilation is great and comprehensive.
I am able to score 62 in the bonus 75 and 69 in the tough 200 questions. this is the last questions I took and it is ever-lasting experience. Kudos, for the great work.
On the exam I realized only PMBOK knowledge enough to pass the exam.

If you can understand the PMBOK, sure you can clear the exam.

Regarding ITTO I never memorize but could understand the flow logically.
For example:
1. Direct and Mange Project Execution(Deliverables)->Perform Quality Control(Validated Deliverables)->Verify Scope(Accepted Deliverables)->Close Project or Phase(Final Product or Service or Result)
2. Direct and Mange Project Execution(WPI)->Report Performance(Performance Report)->Monitor and Control Project Work etc.,
3. EEF is not used in any of the Project Scope Management Process. etc and so on.
4. All tools and techniques.
5. What is the output of each process and what it contains.
6. Journey of Project Scope Statement
7. Journey of Scope baseline.
8. 8 processes which have only one output(Guess???)
9. EEF is updated only in two processes (Develop and Manage Project Team)
Hope this LL will be useful to some future PMPs.
All the Best


 Your way of understanding ITTO's was really interesting. Could you please share all the points which you used to understand added to the nine points you have already mentioned in your LL. It would be of Gr8 help for PMP exam takers...

Looking forward for your reply.


Rajesh Kanna

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Congratulations on your PMP.

Its great to see that you liked the 200 Questions. I have similar feedback from lot of people but they seldom post in the forum. So thanks for posting out here.

Overall good post




congratulations JS

Where do you find the link for free PMBOK Q&A? i thought it's 23.95 for members.