Passed my PMP on March 1st 2016

Hello All, I passed my PMP test on March 1st, 2016.

My journey took around 3 months of studying with around 3 hours daily and 8 hours on the weekends. Tools used are (Ritta Book, PMBOK and a lot of Mock exams). I found Ritta was very helpful to understand processes, I didn’t read the whole PMBOK, however I went through the glossary to clarify certain definitions and read the areas where I have knowledge gap after going through the mock exams. In-addition, after each exam i used to go through all question answers and explanation to make sure even the questions I answered correct was based on the right understanding and not just guessing or memorizing. On top of that I took notes of all my gaps after each exam and kept this for review later, which I reviewed on the last week before the exam. 

I took all the mock tests from, PMZest (scored on average 65%), PMstudy (scored on average 75%) ,PMTraining (scored on average 80%), and other free  exams available online. I found PMZest are the toughest but the most useful to find your gaps, Mr. Anmol from PMzest was really helpful and punctual to answer all my concerns.

In-addition going through the Lesson Learned on pmzilla forum was a great tool to get prepared for the exam which helped me a lot. 

The exam questions were very situational with plenty of scenarios; I got many questions on Stakeholder management, Risk management, and HR management. I got 3 questions on EVM, and like 2 questions AON diagrams.

My advice, make sure you understand the concepts and not memorize stuff. Most of the PMP exam questions are very situational, memorizing helps but will not make you pass, where you can pass while understanding and limiting memorization. Practice questions as much as you can, practice exams are the most powerful tool to find your knowledge gaps, also to work on your speed for the real exam. 

Good Luck :) 

Congrats!! Akram 

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Thank you Jyoti. 

Many congratulations for your success, Akram.

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Congratulations on your PMP. 


Congrats on passing. I am going to take the PMP exam this year. Can you give me some insight on what you can do and not do once you enter and sit down at your computer to start taking the exam?

I heard there is a 15 min video you watch before the exam starts. Is this true?

Also, I heard in the past while the 15 min video is on, test takers could perfrom a brain dump and write down thing to remember on the scrap paper that is provided to you. Is this still accurate?



Once you enter the exam room you are not allowed to drink, eat, talk, or take off your jacket. Make sure you eat, drink, and use the washroom before you enter the exam, as if you need to take a break the exam time won’t stop, so be prepared to use this time for one break only. Try to demonstrate the same while you are going through the mock exams, lock yourself in a room for 4 hours and divide your time by taking only one break after you finish the first 100 questions. Part of practicing is not about preparing for the exam but also preparing yourself to sit for 4 hours. Usually if you want to take a break during the exam you have to go sign-out take your break and before you enter you need to go through s security check again (this will consume around 2 mins of your time).

The 15 min tutorial is not a video it’s like slides you need to go through, you can finish it in 5 mins and save the rest of time for the brain dump. It is very important to write down all the formulas and some tips you might need during the exam. Try to do the same every time you go through mock exams, before you start  write down everything you need, this will help you to do it faster during the real exam.

I do recommend that you don’t mark questions, if you put in mind that you will get back to these questions you marked you will end up marking too many questions and might not be able to get back to all of these questions. Mark only the questions you have big doubts about it.

Last but not least, Practice Practice Practice as much exams as you can, I would say not less than 2000 questions, and if you can try to go for different mock exams providers.


Good Luck 

Thanks so much for the feedback.