Passed my exam today, tips if you have little time to study

 I passed my exam today with 3MPs and 2 Ps. I had spent very little time on studying as I have to juggle between my family (girl aged 2 and weekends mostly dedicated to her), work (long hours most days so nights are burnt working) and house renovation (so whatever little time I've left gone here). What I did to pass my exam,

  1. Choose a school that is reputable and has high passing rates. I chose PMStudy. Their notes are superb, I didn't read the PMBOK. Just rely on their concise notes. This way, I earned PDUs fastest, and being in a classroom, interaction with other students help exchange different viewpoints on real-life PM experience helps too!
  2. Read up the free materials on PMZilla. Try Raga's 355 points.
  3. Take the free PMZilla 30 tough questions
  4. Purchase the 200 tough questions from PMZilla


My regret is that I discovered PMZilla too late! I did the free 30 tough questions, and I really like it. I purchased the 200 tough questions few hours from my exam. By the time I received the book, I only managed to get through 30+ questions. But I must say the quality is good. Worth buying. Few questions are pretty similar to the real PMP questions, and considering I only managed to go through 60 questions, I must say I've learnt quite a number of concepts that helped me to score in PMP. The detailed explanation in the answer also helped correct a lot of my thinking process, which help me tremendously in gaining confidence and the right "tactic" when choosing the most appropriate answers in PMP. So, give it a try.

Also want to thank God, for His grace :)

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Congratulations Tracy!

Would you mind to drop me a quick note at - i wanted to know if you went to the Prometric center at Anson Road?

My exam is on end July - thus i'd like to know the accessibility of heading to this center from JB or will it be worth to visit this center once to get the feel of it?

Thank you.

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 Really great endorsement tracy. I remember sending you the ebook just couple of days back and glad to know you have already cleared.

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Wow, that was appreciatable on your success.

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I'm not married back at 2012 but I have to earn to take care of my parents and the outstanding my loans which are mentally stressing factors. Even not having a girlfriend also hurt me often.

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