online dating

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Hi guys. Sorry for the offtopic and for a very strange topic but I don’t know what topic to write and ask a question.. The fact is that in college I study the issue of generation of millenials and how they build relationships in the 21st century. I wanted to ask you how effective dating is on the Internet? Who using online dating sites found his wife for example? I would be very grateful for the answers.

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If u were serious about this then go to reddit, create online free survey, and ask people in real life

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Thank you very much for your advice, be sure to visit these sites. Dating sites, sites like adultfriendfinder will give data on their behalf, but I need to study user reviews, directly of people who used or use these platforms in order to find a mate. I found one platform that provides information about different dating sites - I asked them for information about blacksexmatch as well. Waiting for them to answer. Has anyone used the sites for more sexual intercourse?