Oliver Lehmann 75 question

Hi there! I am truly puzzled by the answer to this question #49 of Oliver Lehmann's 75 questions (see below). I am aware that the formula for EAC = BAC/CPI which would've been answer B. Hhowever, the correct answer to this question is A. I am not sure how/why it's answer A and I am hoping someone can help me with this. Thanks!

49.You are assigned as the project manager to a project which had a one-time cost variance in the past caused by unexpected rework which has meanwhile been finished.

You perform earned value analysis and get the following results:
EV: 250,000; PV: 200,000; AC 275,000

BAC is 500,000.

What is right?

A. EAC = 550,000
B. EAC = 525,000
C. EAC = 500,000
D. EAC = 425,000